Creating value through technology and convergence, Banco’s ‘ActionGolf’ ‘Action Golf’ by Banco is an indoor interactive golf game incorporating cognitive analysis of your swing trajectory, follow angles, and swing motions via 3-axis gyroscope sensor attached on golf club.


Touch the sound and feel over the window! ASLA Tech is haptic actuator and haptic driver & S/W development company for the gaming gear industry. We developed ‘Haptic Module’ which is sound based vibration system that convert sound signal to haptic effect automatically. Our ‘Haptic Module’ can be apply to every gaming gears like Game …

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We use 3 different types of Virtual Techonologies. First, we use beautiful backgrounds for those virtual classroom. You can use this beautiful background for your lectures. We also use virtual monitors. You can put any types of contents for your lectures such as Powerpoint slides images and videos. You can also invite students in distance …

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The Beginning of a Healthy Habit. ‘DOT STAND’ ‘DOT STAND’ is a smart monitor stand that can induce users to maintain their natural posture while sitting in front of the computer monitor to alleviate forward head posture, a common chronic disease of modern people.


We Innovate Beauty with the Power of AI We collect data on skin and cosmetics in order to bring innovation to the skincare market where consumer choices were mostly limited based on advertising and ingredients.

Humatech Co., Ltd.

Pursuing Best Quality of life Huma-i smart ‘Huma-i smart’ is an IoT device designed for mothers raising young children with weak immune systems. It accurately measures and provides real-time accurate monitoring of indoor air quality from carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC), fine dust, temperature and humidity.


Air clean Sterilizer & Ventilation System & Ai Air Improvement Service ① Safe Ventilation even on days of severe air pollution ② Applying to all type windows ③ Resolving Fine dust, Virus, Radon, CO2, VOC, etc. ④ High density photocatalyst Plasma filter