Espresomedia Co., Ltd.

The production of high-quality images has become important with the increasing number of high-tech displays. To meet industry needs Espreso Media has developed and commercialized a deep learning based super-resolution image restoration engine which trains itself by comparing low-quality and high-quality images.

Moneybrain Inc.

Synthetic AI solution With our synthetic AI solution, you can have human-like AI models in your video content, or engage in real-time conversation. Our AI models can help humans to deliver content for any type of user in the fields such as media, finance, education and e-commerce.

Thecoder Co., Ltd.

Artificial Intelligence offers you a facial mask suits your daily skin condition BeauNex is a personalized AI beauty device. It records and analyzes the user’s daily pattern and routines and based on this data. It mixes different recipes of cosmetic products tailored to your skin needs.  Facial mask creator is our first product of BeauNex …

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Nota Inc.

Unlike the conventional lightweight platforms that cost a lot of time and money, NetsPresso is a 100% automated platform that allows you to create a lightweight AI model in a short period of time without requiring a specialized engineer.

DsLab Global Inc.

Artificial intelligence created through CLICK AI can be applied in a variety of ways, regardless of industry or product type. As long as there is learning data. High accuracy AI fit for any specific use case can be developed very quickly. CLICK AI ‘s algorithm can be largely divided into two categories: AI created with …

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REVITALIZE RETAIL SPACE WITH AI ‘SMART SHELF’ is the future of display shelf system that will enable AI-based cashierless sales in stores. Taking out a product and closing the door will trigger automatic payment process, while letting customers to cancel the process by returning the item back to the shelf.