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Pursuing Best Quality of life Huma-i smart ‘Huma-i smart’ is an IoT device designed for mothers raising young children with weak immune systems. It accurately measures and provides real-time accurate monitoring of indoor air quality from carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC), fine dust, temperature and humidity.


Air clean Sterilizer & Ventilation System & Ai Air Improvement Service ① Safe Ventilation even on days of severe air pollution ② Applying to all type windows ③ Resolving Fine dust, Virus, Radon, CO2, VOC, etc. ④ High density photocatalyst Plasma filter


Vivid film shows the screen clearly. VIVID FILM manufactured with patented technology with pixels It is a patented film that catches light scattering and makes it look more vivid. Depending on the condition, the images in the eyes are blurred and distorted. VIVID FILM delicately corrects condensation phenomena that may be felt when eyes are …

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Heating material and Film heater for BEV The fourth industry is demanding high efficiency new materials. TERAON’s main business is high efficiency Nano Carbon Heating materials, Film heaters and Die attach paste. We aim to become a hub company of new material technology and fulfill our commitments as an company at the vanguard of change.


BLUEFEEL, a startup company that spin off from Samsung Electronics’ in house venture, aims to provide an all new appliance experience by refreshingly addressing the inconvenience of already familiar Red Ocean products.