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‘Cam.G’, developed by , is a product that combines 6 key outdoor features in one small device with the weight of 220g. ‘Cam.G’ is a global brand that provides an innovative lifestyle by integrating the know-how of outdoor enthusiasts with advanced IoT technologies.

Daeyoung Chaevi

The fourth industrial revolution, or the new wave of change is blowing on around the world. With the expansion of eco-friendly policies amid strong winds of change in all sectors, the spread of Electric Vehicle is melting into out daily lives at a faster pace than expected.

M2S Co., ltd

The sensor forwards the data to the examination algorithm and after the analyzing process, you can get the ophthalmic examination data in digital report form. You can check the examination data on your mobile phone through our mobile application and review the details and also utilize the application as an examination history book.M2S Co., ltd

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‘Mirror Think’ is different from regular mirrors you are familiar with. MirrorThink is a smart mirror that can be used in diverse use cases, offering customers to reflect on past visit history as well as to experience AR and AI-based style consultations.


Cygbot’s solid-state LiDAR is a dual LiDAR that can measure long-range 2D data which is required for location recognition in robots and also measure 3D data for close-range object recognition. Cygbot’s solid-state LiDAR which is much smaller than conventional LiDARs is also more advantageous in terms of design, costs and durability.


Wired transport network used to be the biggest limitation in implementing outdoor WiFi network. solved this problem by developing an all-in-one equipment with both minimized wireless communication and outdoor Wi-Fi connection features combined in a single casing.