Augemented Knowledge

Are there any actual use case? Airplane maintenance training programs no longer require expensive airplane bodies thank to the utilization of AR, VR, and MR. For example, the central manager can allocate related technical information to each worker, and each worker can reference allocated information to maximize maintenance efficiency. Such process can become a key …

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BSR(Bon Speed Reducer) By developing the BSR series, we BONSYSTEMS will try our best on both localizing the precise reducer market which is highly dependent on importation, and popularizing domestic robot industries.


Optimized for the cloud environment and large-scale key management A New Paradigm in Data Security, KangaLock vHSM KangaLock vHSM is built with the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is paradigm-shifting security technology. It guarantees runtime security by providing CPU-level encryption. It provides HSM-grade security in the cloud environment. Also, because it’s a software-based solution, it’s …

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We upgrade conventional factories to the industrial 4.0 standard by providing “Factoroid”, a cost-effective, easy-to-install, and practical smart factory solution. Our target customers are SMB factories built before the 2000s, factories where most facilities are not or are partially automated, and factories that rely on human senses (vision, touch, and hearing for maintenance. Our customers …



AU senses everything in the universe The death tolls for children in car accidents are increasing rapidly around the globe. To prevent such trends, AU developed a “high frequency radar sensor” based on the new international standards to improve the limitations of existing ultrasonic sensors. Using this radar technology, in-vehicle safety devices such as ‘CDP’, ‘SBR’, and …

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